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Despite doing web development, my web browser usage is very basic.

Chrome » Usage notes » Keyboard shortcuts

I'm quite mouse-oriented while using web browsers, so I use very few of their keyboard shortcuts.


Open a new tab.


Open link in new tab.

I use this quite extensively.

Websites that break this feature with their stupid javascript nonsense make me want to KILL KILL KILL!


Open most recently closed tab.


Focus the omnibox.


Find and highlight occurrences of a particular text string on the page.

One nice feature is that unicode equivalences (not sure if it's the right technical term) are respected, so for example if you search for "1", you'll also find "①" on the page! This goes well beyond the merely diacritics-insensitive matching one might expect.


Reload the page.

(But usually I just click the reload button.)

Ctrl-+, Ctrl--, Ctrl-0

Zoom in, zoom out, reset zoom to default, respectively.


Toggle developer tools.

While the developer tools are open, press ESC to toggle the "drawer".


Show the dialog for clearing browsing data.

Chrome » Usage notes » Extensions


It's impossible to browse the web without this.

Blocks most ads on the web, including in-video ads!

I'm always very surprised when someone complains about ads on the web while failing to use this, especially if they know it exists...

Using adblock does have one drawback:
One might link to a page filled to the brim with ads without realizing it.
Sorry if I ever did that!

Empty New Tab Page

Gives you a zen New Tab opening experience.

Opening a new tab shouldn't blast you with "information" you don't need.

It also shouldn't expose your browsing history to anyone who happens to be looking over your shoulder.

Full Page Screen Capture

Very no-nonsense full page screen capture. Very simple to use, effective, reliable, does not need any special permissions.


Simple official browser integration for my password manager.

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